Infrastructure/Equipment : Infrastructural improvements are unstoppable processes for a developing organization as diversifying expansions in different departments have to be adequately accommodated. Some of the major infrastructural developments took place are:

Over Head Tank : There had been a growing need for potable water for hospital and staff who are staying within the campus. It had been constructed in 2003 with the storage capacity of 1.5 lakh litres at the cost of Rs.30.00 lakhs.




Rahen Basera : This is to provide shelter to the accomplices of patients who were otherwise staying in the corridor or parchment subjected to sun and rain. They come here for the treatment of their near and dear from far off villages and during the treatment process they have no place to stay. It cost Rs.25 lacs to construct this three-storey building





Staff quarters : This hospital works 24x7. Therefore, we construct quarters to doctors and other important technicians in order to enable them attend emergency cases at all hours including odd hours. We have already constructed four apartments with flats and the construction of one more apartment is in progress. It costs approx. Rs.30-35 lacs for RKMS to erect each of these structures


Blood Bank : This has been constructed and inaugurated in 2007. As explained elsewhere, it is immensely helpful to patients and their accomplices who were otherwise running from pillar to post in odd hours for getting blood.

With regards to equipment - 250 KVA Generator, Metrolab Bio-chemistry Analyser, Fetal Monitor, ABG Analyser, Mobile X-ray Units, TMT Machine etc. have been new entrants in our bid to ensure steady power supply, enrich the quality of treatment, increase the number of units done in the same cycle time, cut down the waiting time on the part of patients and patients’ parties etc.

ONGC, Hinduja Foundation were kind enough to provide the above equipment.

Adding a new service – Blood Bank : After many years of perseverance, RKMS succeeded to open this quite vital channel of service in 2007. Rotary International facilitated to materialize this department. It put an end to inexplicable hardship poor patients and their accomplices underwent to get blood at odd hours when there is no blood bank in and around 100 kms of Haridwar.