Success and stability in a field provides some sort of objective validation of the quality of work. The reliability of this endorsement varies from field to field. In the case of RKMS, sturdily healthy rates of growth revealed in the accompanied chart across major departments speak volumes.
Any organization, including RKMS, straddles two aspects – a) endeavor to sustain the present momentum b) strive to move up in the ladder of improvisation.
a) Sustain the present momentum : i) Managing medical staff of different denominations and connect them to the opportunities at hand for multiplying benefits to be handed out to poor patients. Competent salary with reasonable hike at periodic intervals is the key underpinning for this.
ii) Critical and costly equipment ought to be taken a special care with Annual Maintenance Contract.
b) Development or improvisation has technical, sociological and economic dimensions to it, economic aspect encompassing the other two

Financial requirement and financial crunch
In the absence of financial backing from Government or Corporate House, it is becoming increasingly difficult to face the challenges surrounding this institute in varied stripes.  In addition, as recently foreign donations to the hospital have reduced sharply while costs have continued to rise [graphically mentioned below], this 108 year old institution has begun to sustain deficits – Rs. 15 lakhs in 2008-09 and an expected Rs.35 lakhs in


 With this pattern of increase, it will be difficult for this charitable institute to continue its services.