Accessibility to health care facilities of the impoverished population is very low in India. There are only 46 physicians per 100,000 population. This Hospital building houses the OPD and the Specialists in the following departments:
India has the dubious distinction of losing 572 mothers from every one-lakh delivery. Maternal mortality here is a hundred times more than in developed countries. The Sevashrama, therefore, focused its attention on ameliorating the abject plight of the Mother and child of this nascent State and opened this department.

The Sevashrama Hospital is fully equipped with modern medical facilities, having all the important departments, like Emergency, I.C.U., Mobile Medical Unit and its own Ambulances
Despite major advancements in eye care, more people in India suffer from a complete loss of sight. And if this trend continues, the currently estimated number of blind persons at 18.7 million, would double in about 20 years time. The Ophthalmology department has, therefore, been equipped with all modern equipments, including a Faco machine and it is serving the eye patients of this holy city and it’s environ, by performing eye operation, implanting IOL and distributing free spectacles.
There are two Operation Theatres in the Male Ward and one in the Female Ward, where all the surgical cases are done. Often reputed surgeons visit this hospital and perform TUPs, Prostrate etc. The Sevashrama has Image Intensifier for Orthopaedic cases and Incinerator for the disposal of the hospital waste.
Its Laboratory, Ultrasound, X-ray/E.C.G., and Blood Bank are fitted with sophisticated equipments and served by trained personnel. Besides the Medical department, it has Surgery, Orthopedic, Gyne/Obs., Ophthalmology, Pediatric, Dentistry, and E.N.T., departments.
This Mobile Medical Van is plying in the countryside and our Hospital is providing free treatment to the T.B. patients and distributing free Spectacles (about 500/600 yearly), the patients are coming from far and wide, not only from other districts but also from distant places of India.

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