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Dear sir / madam,

We feel glad to share with you the following piece of statistics [a summary of number of Indoor patients treated in 2011-12 and the amount ( Rs. in lacs) incurred on providing free and partially-free treatment to utterly poor villagers]:

  Total Free Partly Free Value


5486 1510 475 39.79


4342 1621 450 51.19


6679 1642 502 58.11
Plus Free Medicines


  Establishment(#) Medicine Maintenance Food Misc.(*)


64.94 14.60 8.42 17.23 2.32


263.87 60.67 31.25 51.16 8.70

% of growth






[ # - staff salaries; * - postage, telephone, printing and Stationery etc. ]

You know well that reading Swamiji’s literature and ruminating on it is one thing and jumping into the battle field and fighting with every obstacle in order to give shape to Swamiji’s ideas is quite another thing.

You are one of those few who can look beyond the tall vertical of performance bar and understand the iconic commentary on how the current eco-system of Indian inflationary prices coupled with prohibitively costly healthcare and rapidly increasing salaries of medical staff are boxing this institute in day and night and threatening to curtail 111 years of indefatigable journey of this institute to serve.

The state and central governments are ready to grant donations for buildings and equipment but are reluctant to understand how these equipment be put to use without doctors.

In the current economic milieu, charitable institutes like these, are in a catch-22 situation. Neither we can reduce the services looking at the increasing number of poor brethren knocking at our doors, nor can we continue sustaining the quality without doctors.

We all love one of Swamiji’s favourite quotes that ‘an ounce of practice is far better than a library of books’. My humble appeal to you is –

Can you please sponsor salary of any one or more of the following medical staffs to whatever extent is possible for you ? It will be really of immense and angelic help for this old and crumbling institute.

Category of Staff Salary(monthly) Quarterly Half-yearly Yearly
Rs.5000 Rs.15,000 Rs.30,000 Rs.60,000
Lab Technician Rs.6000 Rs.18,000 Rs.36,000 Rs.72,000
Nurse [ANM] Rs.6000 Rs.18,000 Rs.36,000 Rs.72,000
Nurse [GNM] Rs.9000 Rs.27,000 Rs.54,000 Rs.1,08,000
Male Nurse Rs.8000 Rs.24,000 Rs.48,000 Rs.96,000
MBBS doctor Rs.30,000 Rs.90,000 Rs.1,80,000 Rs.3,60,000
MD/MS/DNB doctor Rs.55,000 Rs.1,65,000 Rs.3,30,000 Rs.6,60,000

Having struggled for 111 years and serving millions of poor and destitute, this institute seeks your kind assistance to add steel and strength in continuing medical care to poor.

Your contributions may please be sent by crossed instruments, drawn in favour of
Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama’ to:

The Secretary,
Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama,
Haridwar 249 408.
Uttarakhand, India.


Contributions can be sent by A/c payee Cheque / Demand Draft in favour of ‘Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama, Kankhal’ and send to below mentioned address, mentioning the purpose of donation, however small, shall be thankfully acknowledged with proper receipt .

You can also donate by NEFT or a direct bank transfer of your donation. If you want to opt for this method, please give us an email to with your name and address and we will come back to you giving all the necessary details to facilitate your donation by NEFT.

May God bless you all with peace, happiness and prosperity.
Yours in the Lord,

Swami Nityasuddhananda.
Secretary - Ramarkishna Mission Sevashrama
Ramakrishna Mission Road
Kankhal, Haridwar 249 408.
Ph : 01334 244985; 242183; 9897046141
fax : 01334 244984
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